Thursday, November 3, 2011

British Dead And Wounded in Afghanistan

Member of Royal Marines 4 Troop, Bravo Company, 40 Commando at Sangin in preparation for the handover to the Americans at the end of Op Herrick. Photograph: LA(PHOT) Si Ethell/PA

The total number of British troop deaths in Afghanistan now stands at 383, nearing the 400 mark.
According to the latest figures from DASA, 30 UK service personnel have suffered amputations in 2011 so far.

2009 was previously the bloodiest year for British troops in Afghanistan. 2010 nearly caught up. But this year, with the deployment of US troops to Helmand, things have quietened down.

The number of British deaths in Afghanistan is now much higher than Iraq and even the Falklands conflict. These are the numbers of British fatalities for Afghanistan - and Iraq, too - updated as they change.

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