Monday, October 17, 2011

The British Artillery

Army Firepower - "shock and awe"The Royal Artillery supplies the army's firepower and is as vital on the modern battlefield as it has ever been. The Royal Regiment of Artillery, also known as The Gunners, has lots of it.  We are responsible for 'shock and awe' on the battle field. We are a combat arm and work closely with tanks, infantry and attack helicopters.  We serve aboard ships from the Royal Navy, we also direct attack aircraft of the Royal Air Force to engage our targets.

Royal Artillery TeamIt is important to view the Royal Artillery as a team. We find the enemy with unmanned air systems or radars.  We use digital communications to transmit information and orders.  Our soldiers deliver ammunition and equipment to the front line for our guns, rockets and missiles to hit the target.  All are in the Gunner family.

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