Saturday, October 15, 2011

US Army Weapons

The regular U.S. Army has an arsenal of various weapons, from small arms to anti-tank weapons. During Basic Training (BCT) every Soldier must qualify with his/her standard rifle, the M16 (America's Army models the M16A2, but the Army has transitioned to the M16A3 and M16A4 models). Soldiers also train with a variety of other weapons during BCT, including the M249 Squad Assault Rifle (SAW), the M67 Fragmentary Grenade and the AT4 Anti-Armor Rocket. Depending on a Soldier's particular Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) they might also train and qualify with weapons such as the M203 Grenade, the M2 .50 cal Machine Gun and/or the Javelin Missile System. Many Infantry and Ranger units now employ the M4A1 Carbine Rifle, a more compact variant of the M16, due to its success in close-quarters and urban combat environments. Today the M4A1 is often seen outfitted with a variety of special sighting attachments such as the M68 Aimpoint or the ACOG Reflex.
However, as you have learned in U.S. Weapons training, every Soldier experiences other weapons in addition to the M16A2. As a Soldier advances in their America's Army experience, new opportunities become available allowing them to use new weapons and/or modify their weapons for specific mission objectives.
With the addition of America's Army: Special Forces, new weapons and modifications have become available. Although some of these weapons are only accessible upon completion of certain training requirements. The M9 pistol is assigned to Advanced Marksman (Snipers) as a means of secondary self-defense upon primary weapon malfunction or in the event of a close-quarters combat (CQB) situation when the primary weapon expends its current magazine and a combat reload isn't feasible.
Additionally, when playing as an Indigenous Forces Soldier, during Special Forces missions, certain foreign weapons will be assigned (such as the RPG-7 anti-tank weapon, AK-74 5.45mm assault rifle and RPK light machine gun). Once Special Forces training has been completed several additional weapons will become available, such as the M4A1 SOPMOD, which supports a variety of specialized sighting and other attachments. Additionally, as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18B) the Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) is provided as a light sniper weapon.

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